Welcome to the Financial Reporting and Planning Benchmark test. By answering just 10 questions which should take less than 3 minutes you will be able to see how your organisation performs within their peer group and in what areas you can improve the most.
Does your financial reporting/planning process include the alignment of strategic objectives with measuring operational KPI's?

Is you current financial reporting/planning system providing an effective way to collaborate between stakeholders and act on opportunities/ problems?

Are you currently utilising cloud based services in your reporting/budgeting process?

Are you using advanced analytics methods to identify opportunities (e.g. special treatment of valuable customer segments), predict outcomes (e.g. in time replacement of faulty components), avoid churn etc.?

Are all source systems relevant for your financial reporting and planning system directly integrated in the application? (no manual entry or text/spreadsheet upload required)

How many business user hours are required for maintaining the reporting application per month?

What is the total duration of your budgeting process in days?

How many hours are required for preparing the planning process by business/IT users in charge of maintaining the process?

Is there a monthly process in place to adapt annual targets respectively a twelve months rolling forecast?

What is the annual software/maintenance/subscription cost per user involved in financial reporting/planning process?

What are the annual on premise infrastructure and application servicing cost (maintainance for servers for BI applications, staff/contractor cost to maintain application etc. but excluding business user cost e.g. finance department staff)?

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